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The old man crossing sign for driver Yu Tian lost

The old men waiting for the owner .Chang Yaxin painted a peaceful and prosperous time. The old man holding the card owner more than 10 days waiting back 1000 yuan payment driver said: on the road for ten years ,this story is the most memorable warmth of our correspondent Wei Bin our Shaoxing correspondent Shi Chunbo more than 10 days ,Doudoune Moncler,an old man standing on the edge of the village will be punctual .
His hair is gray ,holding a bamboo pole ,A quarter of the fund positions decreased slightly in the st,bamboo on a piece of white card ,Students have three jobs cure cancer father,write four words : looking for Liang Xiujuan .This move has attracted many people .The old man doing? Why did he find this guy ?Until 9 a.
m. on September 23rd ,Shangyu truck driver Wu Honggang just after the village ,the old man waiting place .They meet, finally opened all the question mark .Yesterday, Wu Honggang to reporters about the warmth of the story .
He said ,he is almost fifty years old ,drive also has fifteen six years ,the road encountered all sorts of things ,it makes him the most memorable, the most touching .Careless ,Moncler Pas Cher,truck driver lost thousands of yuan of payment for Wu Honggang, a Shangyu City Chapter town ,is a truck driver, perennial journey north and south to delivery .
2 weeks ago, one night ,Wu Honggang drove the truck on the way home .Before, he had discharged the cargo to Shaoxing county .Every time I go to Shaoxing County delivery ,Of 104 longevity couple celebrating 80 years of marriage (Figure),he would walk a path ,because they can save 20 yuan toll .
That night ,in the pass by small Shun Jiangan Zhao village ,some of Wu Honggang nature ,stopped ,roadside go easy .Back home, Wu Honggang was originally found in the pocket of an envelope disappears .
The envelope contained $1166, that is one day pull the goods payment .The cover also written a shipping company boss Liang Xiujuan .Wu Honggang could not remember where I lost money ,but bad luck .
2 weeks later ,the old man into day by day, for almost 2 weeks .These days ,Wu Honggang is busy running the Shangyu city business .For the loss of the money ,he has already gradually forgotten .
Until September 23rd ,he wants to pull goods to go to Shaoxing county .More than 9 in the morning ,he is driving along little Shun River running ,with the usual result pass by lake village .
Suddenly ,Moncler,he noticed the village stood an old man .The old man hand with a bamboo pole .More surprising is :bamboo on a piece of white card ,Moncler Outlet,2012 Wudang asset t,write four words : looking for Liang Xiujuan .
Wu Honggang stopped the car quickly .He got off a careful look ,old man about 70 years old, grey, but the spirit of good . Now ,are you looking for Liang Xiujuan ?It me. Wu Honggang and the old man said excitedly .
How can you be Liang Xiujuan? This is the woman ,are you sure it is fake ! The old man apparently do not believe ,to say not good .Wu Honggang is also anxious ,he had lost money in the whole process .
Money lost time and the amount of money a little also not bad .After careful check ,the old didn .With a bamboo pole and signs ,the elderly and other more than ten days before ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,when Wu Honggang money the very next day morning ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,the old man on the roadside picked up the envelope, inside the drum .
He opened it ,there are 1000 multivariate money .He first put it in his pocket ,then in the village to find the owner ,but have been unable to find .Some villagers said ,this road has a lot of truck after ,probably passing motorist lost .
The old man thought justified .In the next 10 days ,every day he had to go out several times ,at road junctions .In order to allow passing drivers to see ,he found a piece of bamboo, do a piece of paper to write on the brand , looking for Liang Xiujuan four words ,Moncler Jacket,hoping to find the edge of the owner .
One day in the past ,the elderly not discouraged .Meanwhile ,there are also some posing as Liang Xiujuan tried to take the money ,but are the old man caught .The morning of September 23rd ,he finally Wu Honggang .
It was confirmed that Wu Honggang is the owner ,the old man smiled . The money back ,1166 yuan ,a lot of points . Then ,he took from his pocket a crumpled envelope .Wu Honggang recalls that,The country gold negotiable securities fixed income feature, when he can there is such a good man .
After all ,for a mountainous area rural elder ,1000 yuan is not a small sum number .In order to express their thanks ,Wu Honggang took out 200 yuan of money . Man ,you are a good person .
This 200 dollars and take it with you,Moncler Outlet, thank you .You are so old, mediated a hot day ,you should get the money . Did not think of the elderly is a bit angry . I did it for the money ?,Taoxin countrywoman Xiong Deming for 200 pigs wrot!Her grandpa do under such rules .
On the way to pick up things must return home ,so the night before sleep ,otherwise do not practical . Holding the old man ,Wu Honggang very excited .The other ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,the old man said nothing ,only that he is surnamed Li, name also refused to leave ,turned and walked away .

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An interview with reporters. Officials children by

Reunionwith her boyfriend in the mind Wang Jianhua repeated many times .At that moment, she doesn know what the words to say .From November 23rd at noon that no telephone ,a restless and anxious mood began in her heart secretly .
To this day ,The young reporter to rescue downed killed the wom,10 Morgan Global Eme,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,as usual she and Wang Peng contact mobile phone several times ,but there are No .At first ,she did not think much .But after two days ,the mobile phone has been in a shutdown state .
She began to worry :Wang Peng, is it right? Lost personal freedom ?In 4 years of experience in love ,it is the first time .Previously ,Doudoune Moncler,two people a day to call several times ,almost every day .
Call to the couple ,has a special significance .From 2007 August until 2009 September for up to two years of much time ,two person of love has been on the phone preservation .At the time, Wang Peng back to his hometown of Jiangsu ,closed-door review ,aimed at getting the domestic first-class university graduate .
She didn Wang Peng really happened .In 23 he was 9 when he was Wu Zhong police in Gansu province library office .An interview with China Youth Daily reporter ,Gansu province library code reading department director Xu Shuangding said :at that time,Moncler, a family named Shi captain and two policemen in bright criminal detention after card ,Moncler Pas Cher,will Wang Peng .
The process is very simple . Xu Shuangding said ,the police on the spot to take away Wang Peng mobile phone batteries ,Moncler Outlet,but not searched Wang Peng ,nor take away computer and other things .
He also said ,the Ningxia police in the end of year 10 in the unit for a Wang Peng .Girlfriend Wang Jianhua told reporters ,after the accident, she had come to Wang Peng seen ,and previously .
Take away ,Xu Shuangding suggested not handcuffs ,lest produce bad influence .The police did not oppose .Before leaving, Xu also told Wang Pengduo to bring some clothings .Come to the police said: Wang Peng ,we will take good care of .
As Wang Peng in the library of Gansu province ,Xu Shuangding Wang Peng serving a year performance is very satisfactory , usually go to work on time ,News face to face I,work very hard .But occur on the immediate thing ,Xu almost know nothing at all , he never spoke to me .
It is understood ,in the last month, Gansu province library assistant Wang Peng just becoming regular member .In the front of the media come in great numbers ,Wang Jianhua was found ,the boyfriend of his own ,he is familiar strangers .
The 22 year old girl anxiously exhausted all efforts ,trying to help her boyfriend . He told everything very persistent . Wang Jianhua says .They met in university period ,at the time, Wang Jianhua was attracted to Wang Peng brother .
In Wang Jianhua ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,boyfriend never say happy things ,sad thing seldom say .Sometimes she asked urgently, Wang Peng always said lightly, the less you know the better .She wanted to share something for him .
Because she can other reasons for that year her boyfriend returned to Gansu to work as a reasonable interpretation ,the only answer only love .It was very touched by her .She tells a reporter ,Wang Peng in life is a vengeful person ,very honest people ,know how to thanksgiving .
Once in the street ,Wang Peng keys lost ,someone stopped him ,and handed the keys to his .This incident made Wang Peng moved a long time .Later ,he also made a special trip or for that matter of thanks .
Wang Peng ,still too much mystery .There are a lot of information has yet to be disclosed .The evening of December 1st ,Young lives large cargo for a moonlit night shoot,an unnamed College of Lanzhou University teachers of China Youth Daily reporter said , Ma Jingjing result is not so bad, bad words may not graduate .
Two people are in accordance with the rules of the school ,to meet the graduation credits .It is not in doubt . She also said , Ma Jingjing not whole grade countdown first ,in school period has no adverse record ,abide by the school regulations ,otherwise it will not graduate .
The teacher said ,why Wang Peng was not to be able to send success to Renmin University of China? She did not know .According to her memories : when the call from the Renmin University of China ,but specific who reported no say .
At that time, College of Lanzhou University had on Wang Peng situations respond in a timely manner , the next thing is not clear .For online called literary academy sent instructors to Jiangsu Lianyungang dissolve contradiction that informed ,the teacher explained , this is just the normal employment return .
The school every year to send in the employment market research ,Moncler Jacket,and not just for one thing . Two students are still good . The teacher is not without regret to say ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, actually,30-10in the first qu, the thing is we are unwilling to see .
When learned that her boyfriend is about to release news ,Moncler Outlet,Wang Jianhua be overjoyed ,and sorrow to occupy her mind .She said , happy is temporary .There must be a reasonable view ,can not be said to hold fast ,01-513-9100br thi,say let go ,after all, it caused great damage to the party .

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The postman rescued the jump river middle school girls declined

Yin Lai of reporter of new wall bulletin correspondent Xie Yuming Li Zhengyong a few days ago, Guangzhou City,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, a female high school student to leave a "commit suicide" message to the teacher, jumped into the river, to end his own life.
Thanks to encounter Lin Jianzong the postman,Moncler Outlet, Suicide Girls eventually returned to their parents.Middle school girls jumped into the river and rescued home town forest Jianzong the night about two friends, in a middle school of Guangzhou city near a restaurant together.
When they came out of the restaurant, suddenly found not far from a female high school students be in a trance in and out of traffic,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, side car continuously honk to remind her also no response, a move towards the river.
Lin Jianzong felt something strange, he shouted: "hey!Be aware of oncoming cars.The female students have a side not to hear it,Moncler, continue to stare ahead.Lin Jianzong grew more and more feel wrong, to catch up quickly and see,Father to save leukemia daughter street to kneel down beg (F, before he had had time to catch up, the female student will jump, jumped to the side of the river.
Case burst, not much about half a second, Lin Jianzong without demur, immediately jumped into the river to save.His friend also panicked, ran over to help save.5 minutes later, Lin Jianzong took the girls back to shore, fortunately, two were safe from danger.
The jump river before send a message to teacher girl about 15 years old.Why choose to commit suicide?Lin Jianzong asked her some information, but the girl is not to speak, ask her family name and phone, she also does not say.
In desperation,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, Lin Jianzong's friends suggested that the girl over to the police.So they picked up girl, to the vicinity of the security booth go.When they came to the security booth,Moncler Pas Cher, find a middle school teachers and students are booths security alarm, so they are frantically searching for the girl.
The reporter understands,Doudoune Moncler, the girls in the two hours before a "court" information to the teacher,Guotai fund investors (442nd) at fund to indicate the market, just out of the campus, teachers and students searched the school, could not find her.Reportedly,Moncler Outlet, the female character is withdrawn,Moncler Jacket, and the relationship between teachers and students is relatively tight, and parents have to do business, I hardly have time to take care of her.
The desire to commit suicide, but just because a small setback.Before long,Private restaurant purple stone investment events induced by reflection _ strate, the girl's parents arrived on the scene.The girl's mother was scared cried and hugged her daughter on the spot, the girl's father immediately come up with 1000 yuan, thanks to Lin Jianzong, Lin Jianzong quickly declined.

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Armed police visit car into the river water to save twice after

Luo Hui in Guangfu town Fuk 2 teaching wife once Fen has choke with sobs China Jiangxi news May 5th Nanchang dispatch ( reporter Qiu Huiqiang reports) on May 2nd at three twenty in the afternoon ,Beijing Armed Police Corps active-duty unit officer Luo Hui with his own year only 33 years of life ,the interpretation of the forget .
this noble choice deep connotation -- when they ride van unlucky enough to fall into deep river , agile Luo Hui took the lead from car crawls, he chose not to run ,Father play female netizen rescue in MLM son,but went into the rushing water rescue others ,until you spend oneself ,be water washed away .
.. ... Recently,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, Nanchang County, Nanchang Guangfu town people began to read this touching story .Two round-trip save physical strength be water washed away the afternoon of May 2nd ,Nanchang County under a heavy rain ,a license plate for the AY3047 van is traveling in the county town of West Ridge Heshancun Kwong Fuk Bridge, suddenly the car skidded out of control ,van ,rushed the bridge railing ,fell more than 30 meters wide ,4 meters deep three dry river in .
The car has three people -- drivers ,go home to visit relatives in the officer Luo Hui and peer Ceng Xianming .Luo Hui with military agile in van is about to enter the water instantly opened the door ,and from within the vehicle to climb out .
Watch the cars bubble gradually submerged in the river ,Mr tangLao Zhu Yech,still haunt Luo Hui at this time and not busy with their own lives, but unconsciously in turbulent water swim to the van .He swam to the cab door ,but has been unable to open the door .
Luo Hui tried hard to open the window ,finally put the window open .He will be in the semi coma state driver pulled out from the window ,and pushed him on shore, at this time Luo Hui has spend oneself .
Van as the water is a little bit down floating ,but on the car and peer Ceng Xianming .Luo Hui does not think, he decided to swim to the water car .Strain every nerve to open his window ,doing the last bit of energy to save Ceng Xianming from the window and pull it out and pushed him on shore .
In the turbulent flow in a round trip a few times in the Luo Hui ,save man is perfect exhausted all his strength .He was relentless River phagocytosis ,down into the three river ,the hero had been raging water washed away .
He gave me a new life ,if not in order to save me ,he can . The rescued Ceng Xianming lay in Guangfu Town People hospital bed is not willing again recalled the scene at that time . Then he grabbed my left hand ,shook me to pull ,I choke water ,Doudoune Moncler,very afflictive .
He pushed me on shore, I looked back ,he would have no ... ... I remember that he is wearing a red shirt ... ... Ceng Xianming said this was ramble in one ,tears brim over with tears ,then face side on the other side .
150 three dry river gate closing large rescue after the accident ,Guangfu town Party committee ,government act quickly ,by a government organization of the 150 temporary rescue working group was established ,the surrounding villagers who are involved in search and rescue operations .
The rescue team immediately downstream of GANFU PLAIN station closed three Dry Sluice gate .Four fishing boats were mobilized for major emergency search and rescue mission ,around the village in three dry river to search .
It was raining heavily ,Prospective students to save the drowning and brot,river pollution not to be unclear ,plus the mist misty ,to search and rescue work has brought great difficulties .Search and rescue work from 3:20 pm the same day ,until the very next day morning around 6:40 ,after 15 hours of hard search and rescue ,finally Luo Hui cadaver salvaging ashore .
The collar marriage certificate three years do not have a decent wedding Luo Hui joined the army in December 1995 ,Jiangxi province Wanan County ,played for the Beijing Armed Police Corps officers in active service .
33 year old Luo Hui enlisted in 14 years, his wife had Fen in Guangfu town Fuk 2 teaching ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,husband and wife long-term different separation .Early in 2006, Luo Hui and his wife do a marriage certificate ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,but for three years,Moncler Jacket, he several times postponed wedding .
Have been married for three years ,he also did not do a decent wedding . Beijing Armed Police Corps Lu political commissar told reporters ,Moncler,in 2008 Luo Hui home several times to rush him back to the wedding, Luo Hui were all too busy to push away .
Luo Hui his superiors ,subordinates convinced . Beijing Armed Police Corps division cadre Guo Feng told reporters ,although he is usually not much contact with Luo Hui ,but Luo Hui forces and comrades-in-arms situation familiar left a deep impression on him .
Father Luo Qifang :Luo Hui is a filial son Luo Hui and his family live in shaping Town ,home to eight people, family difficulties ,Moncler Outlet,mainly live on the farm .Parents all is 65 years old ,Moncler Outlet,mother diagnosed with uterine cancer ,in order to send money to cure his mother ,Luo Hui perennial save money on food and expenses ,monthly pay out much more than half to send home .
Son, every month has two phone call home ,Moncler Pas Cher,he is very concerned about the home .Every month he home post 700 yuan ,I know that most of his wages . Father Luo Qifang tells a reporter ,Luo Hui is the six and most obedient one .

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Father raising his daughter 4 years for Mediterranean anemia ope

Father and daughter love ( respondents for map) the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Hui &nbsp ;&nbsp ;intern Zhang Li Li Yi &nbsp ;&nbsp ;correspondent Jiang Fan four years ago, the family to suffer from Mediterranean anemia the beloved daughter of Jingjing abandoned ,he insisted not to abandon not give up .
In four years, he alone dragged his exhausted body ,small crystal high medical costs around turn around .He said ,can which day slept a peaceful sleep ,also did not remember being strangers kindness touched many times .
His name is Nie Changqing ,a migrant from Jiangxi to spike ,a thin face middle-aged man, a cost all his energy to continue her life .Fortunately ,in March of this year, small crystal in Taiwan bone marrow donor registry which find a matching bone marrow ,planned for June operation ,Moncler Pas Cher,but due to the lack of complete cost 300000 yuan ,operation is changed in September .
At present ,Nie Changqing is still in operation for more than 10 million cost variance around ... ... Poor poor baby ,the parents take you into the world, but also the pain for you .
.. ... Along with the bone marrow transplant technology maturity ,wealthy families can spend about 300000 yuan to do the operation from the permanent misery ,we face the astronomical operation fee ,can only sigh bear such endless transfusion injection ,and pour out all or debt to fill a bottomless black hole .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;-- Excerpt from the diary of Nie Changqing &nbsp ;&nbsp ;daughter of thalassemia ,wife left in 2005 December, cute little Jingjing comes to the world, to the Nie Changqing to spike the migrant workers home added a lot of happy atmosphere .
However, joy is not how long, heard the news about her .Small crystal at two months, suddenly face yellow, four months after being diagnosed with Mediterranean anemia !The news made the ordinary family is covered with a layer of lingering shadow .
Almost all their friends and family advised them to take small Jingjing abandoned .Even small Jingjing mother also said ,if it is not abandoned, and later big, deep feelings ,more difficult to give up ,this life in prison ,also don is the end .
However ,Nie Changqing did not give up her daughter ,he stubbornly left the little jingjing .His wife could not bear small Jingjing brought tremendous living pressure ,soon leave this to your father ,never come back .
Sun ill be mentally and physically exhausted ,his wife ran away from home ,Nie Changqing had to make over 7 years father from his hometown in Jiangxi to look after the jingjing .In 2008 October, the old father is seriously ill, he had to go back to hometown in Jiangxi ,Moncler Outlet,to Nie Changqing it is one disaster after another .
In those days,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, he go to Jiangxi and Guangzhou ,be mentally and physically exhausted .Let him worry is ,his one the individual ,already could not afford to pay small Jingjing is more and more high medical costs .
Unable to support Nie Changqing ,but in the Internet posting a loss to .He sent in Guangzhou mother network card has been answered, the moderator ,many people began to help him ,let small Jingjing treatment costs can be maintained .
In June last year, small Jingjing injection started a deferoxamine drug .Due to the injection of too long ,Nie Changqing had to every night to their small Jingjing injection .At the beginning, small Jingjing smile reluctant to cooperate with an injection ,Nie Changqing could be at a loss what to do .
In desperation ,he cruel to tell little Jingjing :injections will die . Death is what meaning ? Only 3 years old little Jingjing staring at his father .The infinite sad Nie Changqing told her daughter , death is to bury her in the soil ,can no longer meet with dad .
Small crystal it is obedient and tension to accept an injection .More than 1000 day and night time ,no good after the needle ,Nie Changqing dare not sleep too dead ,lest small Jingjing when going to bed ,to move the needle out ,and this drug ,each month to the injection for 20 days .
Nie Changqing said ,in four years, he almost never slept a peaceful sleep .At one time, 12 pm ,small crystal high fever 39.2 degrees, has been in a coma ,Nie Changqing immediately took the little Jingjing hold to nearby hospitals ,but there was no effect .
Extremely anxious he had to hold small Jingjing to the nearby hospital ,but in the middle of the night but can .No way, he had to hold small clear all the way to the hospital ,but encountered a motorcyclist well-wisher ,the cornea will be,to the father and daughter to the hospital .
After treatment, small Jingjing fever down ,but Nie Changqing had a sleepless night .The very next day ,he dragged his exhausted body to work .There is a small crystal ,pneumonia ,Mother humming songs to encourage self leukemia da,continuous made a week diaozhen .
Nie Changqing work during the day, night at eight or nine small Jingjing to hospital ,until two minutes before the end of .Nie Changqing recalled ,small Jingjing sick for a week ,he basically did not sleep at night .
And these are just small Jingjing to more than one thousand days in a miniature .Nie Changqing tells a reporter ,small Jingjing twelve thirty in the evening on time last time toilet ,so he didn until after twelve thirty every day .
But the very next day six in the morning to get up and get ready for go to work .Jingjing from small sleeping not law-abiding ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,but also an injection ,every evening he had at least three or four times to see the small crystal .
Shortage of funds delayed operation ,in March this year ,Moncler Outlet,God of luck finally visited the poor little Jingjing -- in a Taiwan library find a matching bone marrow bone marrow .Nie Changqing said ,the probability is one in a million ,if successful transplantation, small crystal can be like a normal person .
However ,Doudoune Moncler,the good news just to make Nie Changqing see a ray of light ,it was the operation cost 300000 yuan to promote the boundless darkness .Fortunately ,more and more people know of his misfortunes ,slowly began to help him .
From Qingyuan ,Heyuan ,Meizhou ,Foshan ,Guangzhou and other places have a friend to give him money .A lawyer in Guangzhou, coming from the Milky Way drove to his home, sent twenty thousand yuan .
His employer was informed that small Jingjing ,also organized a fundraiser .In the public help, Nie Changqing have more than 10 million to charity ,but 300000 yuan from the operation cost and the difference of ten yuan .
It is helpless !The operation was originally scheduled for June ,but was delayed to September . Hoping that we can raise money ,make small Jingjing to restore health . Nie Changqing is sad .
Three kinds of furniture ,Moncler Jacket,poignant interview in the reporter Nie Changqing, small crystal pulling small partners in the side bounce ,nothing like a seriously ill children .Nie Changqing looked at the lovely little Jingjing ,he swam to the drow,emaciated face smiling .
In Nie Changqing ,only three kind of furniture: a bed ,a TV ,a refrigerator .At night ,the other children sleep time,Moncler, this bed recorded a small crystal due to not meet the needle in the body, toss and turn restlessly innumerable day and night ;this TV is a small crystal lovely eyes watching outside be riotous with colour world tool ;and the refrigerator is in to save small Jingjing drugs ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,because these drugs can only be saved in 25 ?.

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